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Witness To History

Witness To History


It all began in 1898 when two traveling businessmen had to share a hotel room in Boscobel, Wisconsin for the night. These men, Samuel E. Hill and John H. Nicholson, went quickly from strangers to friends when they both found the other to be a practicing Christian. It was hard to hold fast to one’s faith as a traveling businessman at the time. Together, Hill and Nicholson dreamed of a way they could encourage other believers as they went from city to city.


Flash forward to present day where this dream has become The Gideons International, through which over 2 billion copies of God’s Word have been placed and distributed in some 200 countries, territories, and possessions. That conversation, over a century ago, led to what is today a worldwide Association of Christian business and professional men and their wives. Witness to History is a brand-new, hardcover book that weaves together the fascinating narrative of this history.


Relive some of the greatest moments from the past 120 years in world history from a Gospel-mission centric perspective, as you see how the Lord opened doors for The Gideons International to share the Gospel with His creation at pivotal points in time in ways no human could have ever orchestrated. Witness to History is filled with archival photographs dating back to the earliest days of The Gideons and features astounding testimonies of lives forever changed.


Every story starts somewhere, with someone. This is the story of The Gideons International and the men and women who so faithfully made it all possible, with God at the center of every hope and effort.

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